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Quotes van Audrey Hepburn en Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe en Audrey Hepburn zijn stijliconen, vooral Marilyn.
Ze hebben in veel films gespeeld en hebben een succesvolle carrière achter de rug.
Zelf ben ik erg fan van hun en de foto hierboven is van mijn kamer genomen. Ik heb paar schilderijtjes van hun in mijn kamer hangen. Wat ik zo leuk vind aan Marilyn en Audrey zijn hun qoutes, daarom zet ik paar leuke quotes op een rijtje van deze damens.


Marilyn Monroe:
Fame will go by and, so long, I've had you, fame. If it goes by, I've always known it was fickle. So at least it's something I experience, but that's not where I live. 
- I am not interested in money. I just want to be wonderful.
- I don't mind making jokes, but I don't want to look like one.
- I've never dropped anyone I believed in.
- Creativity has got to start with humanity and when you're a human being, you feel, you suffer.
- If you can make a girl laugh - you can make her do anything
- I don't know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot
Audrey Hepburn:
- Your heart just breaks, that's all. But you can't judge, or point fingers. You just have to be lucky enough to find someone who appreciates you
- My look is attainable. Women can look like Audrey Hepburn by flipping out their hair, buying the large sunglasses, and the little sleeveless dresses
- I never think of myself as an icon. What is in other people's minds is not in my mind. I just do my thing
- I'm half-Irish, half-Dutch, and I was born in Belgium. If I was a dog, I'd be in a hell of a mess!
- Let's face it, a nice creamy chocolate cake does a lot for a lot of people; it does for me.- Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible'

Wat vinden jullie de leukste Quote van Marilyn en Audrey?

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